Bay Area Accounting Services

Bay Area Accounting Services

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We will assist with any and all corporate and individual accounting matters including, but not limited to: 1040, 1120, 1120s, 1065, state and local taxes, franchise taxes, corporate bookkeeping and financials, audit/review/compilation of corporate financials, etc.

Bay Area Accounting Services: Personal Taxes

Individual Taxation

With more than ten years of experience serving clients in some of the largest cities across the United States, Dimov Tax Specialists have acquired the expertise required to manage your specific regulatory environment and produce desired outcomes on your return with strong professional integrity.

Some of the most prevalent issues we deal with on a daily basis:
Self-employment/contractor/freelancer income, Rental property, Sale of Home Equity, Compensation: For example, RSU, ESPP, ISO, NSO, etc., Multi-state allocation, Company IPO, merger & acquisition, Crypto currency, Foreign Income Exclusion & Foreign Tax Credit

Our personalized tax services deliver quick and precise results. 

Bay Area Accounting Services: Corporate Taxes

Corporate & Partnership Taxation

An organized and integrated approach to corporate tax planning necessitates a team of professionals with experience in corporate tax who are familiar with the unique tax issues faced by different companies and partnerships.

Whether you require services for a Partnership, S-Corp, or C-Corp,
Our team is experienced in all three types of business entities that require federal tax filings.

Note on LLCs:
LLCs often have state filing requirements, and Dimov Tax supports all 50. However, if you're submitting your federal LLC taxes with the IRS, you'll use one of two forms: Schedule C of the 1040 tax return, or Form 1065. In the event that you are the only member of your LLC, you would use Schedule C on Federal Form 1040 if you are an individual. If your firm has more than one owner, partner, or employee, you must report on Form 1065, unless you are an S-Corp or another form of business organization.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about any of these entity types. We have assisted thousands of companies throughout the years.

Bay Area Accounting Services: Bookkeeping


Dimov Tax Specialists have more than a decade of experience when it comes to bookkeeping, working with companies of all sizes, from a single owner to hundreds of people.

We are able to support any online accounting platform as long as it can be accessed through a web browser, and our extensive experience with the majority of major platforms leads to premium-quality work and a top-notch customer experience.

Our bookkeeping services are tailored to your specific needs, be that quarterly or monthly deliverables such as financial statements, reconciliation of invoices and payments, quarterly income or sales taxes, as well as myriad other tasks. Our CPA team can also discuss business and tax strategy on an ongoing basis, partnering with you to help enhance company performance. All of our senior staff hold advanced CPA degrees and/or licenses.

Payroll, Sales Tax, and Tax Preparation 

Bay Area Accounting Services: Outsourced / Fractional CFO

Fractional CFO

Over the years, we've discovered that many of our clients require services beyond "basic" tax preparation. Dimov Tax Specialists have expertise in guidance and planning around such complexities as equity compensation, company IPO, merger, or acquisition, business structure optimization, investment allocation, and much more.

Dimov Tax Specialists provide you with the strategic financial assistance to help you scale faster and accomplish your goals sooner. Our fractional CFOs are highly proactive and ready to assist you when you need them.